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VNS ® Counter Intelligence Security Equipments

DroneRANGER was developed to detect and defeat any kind of unmanned aerial vehicle, from micro-drones to large UAVs. DroneRANGER in combination with the long Range radar system is applied to protect critical infrastructures where drone need to be detected at large distances. Micro-drones are typically detected at a distance between 2 to 4 kms.

 Critical infrastructure protection (government premises, nuclear power plants, airports).
 Military and Homeland Security
 Protection against espionage attacks.
 Protection of prisons against smuggling weapons, mobile phones and drugs
 Border protection.


  • Long range radar system with detection range up to 6km.
  • 360⁰ coverage – fastest scan rate 1Hz.
  • Smallest RCS* (Radar Cross Section) value of 0.006m2. *measure of how detectable an object is with a  radar

The JM-RCIED-6000 is a wideband jamming system to protect against RCIED (remote controlled improvised explosive devices). Integrated in a shock-proof and easy transportable pelicase the system was developed for mobile applications. Transmitters , mobile phones or radios that may be used to remote control a bomb, transmit all with di! Erent signal characteristics (modulation, channel size, output power etc.). therefore it is essential that the jamming signal is created and adapted individually to cover each RF waveform from those different adversarial transmitter signal precisely.


  • Critical infrastructure protection (government premises, religious events, airports).
  • Military and Homeland Security.
  • Protection against espionage attacks.


  • Programmable signal generation for precious adaption to the di! erent adversarial signals.
  • Up to 12 DDS chips for programming up to 12 frequency bands.
  • Extended programming features
  • External battery power supply for fast battery module exchange.
  • Easy use and fast set-up within seconds. Easily transportable.

DroneRIFLE is the ideal solution when drone ans UAVs visually detected and if they need to be neutralized immediately by blocking the ratio  frequency communication or global satellite Navigation System. The binocular allows to track the drone at long distance and to point rifle and its mounted directional antennas towards the object.


  • Critical infrastructure protection (government premises, religious events, nuclear power plants, airports, sport stadiums).
  • Military and Homeland Security.
  • Protection against espionage attack
  • Protection of prisons against smuggling weapons, mobile phones and drugs.
  • Border protection



  • Remote control frequency jamming : frequency coverage of all commercial available civil drones.
  • GSNS (Global Satellite Navigation System) jamming: coverage of worldwide GSND network.
  • High gain helical antennas with vertical and horizontal polarization.
  • Frequency bands may be selected individually (LED indication if transmission activated).
  • Directional antennas for precise jamming direction to avoid collateral damages.
  • Easy use and manipulation. Fast set-up within seconds. Easily transportable.

Monitoring VOIP, IM(Instant messaging) and Social Media is only feasible by installing a Remote Access Tool (RAT) or also called Trojan (0-day exploit) onto the target’s medium (PC or mobile phone). Most of those services are end-to-end encrypted and can’t be deciphered.

The Trojan “ODYSSEUS” (0-day exploit) may infect the target through various methods

Overview Data Monitoring

Android: iOS:

  • Call log       Call log
  • SMS log SMS log
  • GSM call recording (most Android versions supported) Report Gmail, Email
  • Contact list Contact list
  • Report WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype, Report whatsApp, Viber, Telegram, skype,

Twitter, Chats                                                           

  • Report Google Chrome, Firefox Report Google Chrome, Firefox
  • Report  Facebook Report Facebook
  • GPS Location Remote activation of Microphone

The JS-M3000-PRO is a state-of-the-art jamming system camouflaged in a pelicase or genuine leather briefcase, allowing free programming of up to 6 bands within 500-3000 MHz. the device is built customize with the frequency bands (amplifiers) ordered by the client.


  • Protection against espionage during sensitive meeting or events.
  • Communication jamming during missions (mobile phone interception, Wi-Fi interception etc.)


  • The user may select up to 6 frequency bands within 500-3000 MHz
  • FPGA,DDS technology
  • The system integrates 6 DDS chips to program 6 individual frequency bands
  • Camouflaged operation
  • Optional biometric fingerprint security to access jamming system
  • Selective frequency band operation
  • With the optional programming tool and software, the user may anytime update the jammer configuration (frequency bands, output power of individual bands, sweeping speed and channel raster of each band).