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VNS ® Close Protection and Private Security Service

At VNS, we are aware that the growing insecurity of our contemporary society can become for you a major concern. Personal security is no longer a privilege but a response to specific needs. Our protection team includes officers with strong trainings, with many years of experience, and that meet the safety investigations required in the field. Whether for temporary or long-term assignments, we surround you with competent agents trained to the different protection techniques.

Security is much more than just hiring a bodyguard. We carefully assess your requirements and create a bespoke service, deploying highly skilled personnel who can provide an unobtrusive barrier between you and any perceived threat to your security.

We provide you with highly qualified bodyguards to ensure  your protection, your families, employees and their families, properties etc.

Our team can be deployed around the world depending on the level of risk and threat.

Our director of the training and the tactical preparation of the agents, former member of the special forces, teaches all our agents a unique technique that has been developed to ensure the protection of judges. This is an intervention method that can neutralize a person very quickly without inflicting any injury.

The team at your disposal is made up as follows:

  • a mobile unit with an experienced driver
  • a perimeter defense unit
  • a team leader
  • a coordinator


To protect your convoys, the VNS Team offers a service that includes several levels:

  • the preparation of a road map for trips alone or in convoy;
  • the coordination of a road map with local authorities;
  • the deployment of a protective team.


Our team will provide the following service:

  • Gathering information before the deployment of the mission;
  • Assessing the risks and threats;
  • Preparing the site;
  • Preparing the equipment for the protection team;
  • Conveying the information gathered to the Operations Coordinator.

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