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VNS Nigeria Intelligence and Surveillance division offers a unique ability for protection, prevention and risk management. Our intelligence reports and briefings will assist you in taking proactive safety measures, making informed decisions in complex political, commercial, and regulatory environments, and most importantly help you ensure the security and safety of your most valuable assets.

Board level decision makers require timely and actionable intelligence they could rely on. Our team of intelligence analysts have provided intelligence briefings and in-depth reports for competitive tenders, strategic expansions, advice on entering new markets, country risk maps, and capital projects, just to name a few.

Our specialist Surveillance Teams are entirely recruited from the intelligence gathering arms of the Military and Security Services and are all highly trained and experienced with discreet capabilities and expertise in:

  • Geo-Forensics Intelligence;
  • Cyber Intelligence;
  • Imagery and Geo spatial Intelligence;
  • Signals and Communications intelligence;
  • Unmanned Operations – Utilizing  Unmanned Air Vehicle systems.
  • Mobile foot surveillance;
  • Close target reconnaissance;
  • Expeditionary surveillance;
  • Covert video and audio collection;
  • Intelligence collection capabilities.

Core Features


This unique service provides real-time reporting and ongoing updates on localised hindrances to security and business continuity. Clients can modify their Tactical subscriptions according to their specific countries of interest – receiving brief reports which allow for easy decision making for day-today business operations. These alerts cover both classic security-related events such as civil unrest and militancy, in addition to other hindrances to business continuity such as localised labour strikes, major traffic jams, weather, bureaucratic hindrances, and infrastructure failures.


We investigate security and stability-related incidents and trends occurring in specific states or throughout a given country. Each Analysis includes the latest updates on a given trend, followed by actionable, bottom line assessments and practical recommendations for the best course of action we also regularly provides more in-depth Special Reports on regional political, religious, and militant trends. Special Reports include historical background, detailed assessments, in addition to dossiers and profiles of involved parties.


We can provide a dedicated senior analyst focused on monitoring a corporate event or travel itinerary of at-risk executives. This provides exclusive and near real-time reporting on threats to your business, states, continuity or area of interest.

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