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“Knowing where your vehicles are and what they are doing lets you make informed management decisions that improve vehicle and driver performance. From vehicle location to speed, idle time, and more, As Nigeria No. 1 vehicle tracking and fleet management company (Verified Network Solution Limited) provides the accurate, timely data you need to manage your fleet more efficiently and effectively.”

Why VNS Tracking Solutions

  • Know the precise location of every vehicle in your fleet
  • Track vehicle performance at the individual and fleet level
  • Reduce fleet administrative overhead
  • Schedule preventive maintenance
  • Improve customer response rimes
  • Reduce violations and other risky driver behaviors
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Increase labor and vehicle utilization efficiency
  • Generate across-the-board reductions in operational expenses

Tech Features

  • Real-time online tracking in VNS FMS platform via GPRS
  • Get Google Map ;link for current location by SMS request
  • Stop Vehicle remotely via relay (Stop Engine)
  • Take Photos & Vehicle Monitoring
  • SOS alarm (available to preset 3 SOS numbers)
  • Synchronous record vehicle mileage
  • External power cut alarm and low battery alarm
  • Speed alarm, GEO-fence alarm, Engine On/Off alarm, engine on hours report
  • Available to set different alarm notification ways, such as via SMS, call or email
  • Update position online via time interval, distance, angle, move ratio and ACC ratio
  • Position logging capacity up to 16,000+ way if no GPRS signal

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