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VNS ® Counter Terrorism Intelligence Measure

At VNS Nigeria we take the act of Terrorism with high priority that is way we dedicated a special division of our business unit to Counter  Terrorism Intelligence Surveillance Measures (CTISM).   We track day to day activities of suspected unit or organizations, we identify technical security weaknesses in communication and equipments and provide Counter Measure plan

We analyses and take counter preventive measure again terrorist attack. For example, it monitors potential terrorists, promptly identifies individuals who may be becoming radicalised and provides at-risk people and buildings with additional security.

  • Security of potential targets
  • Recognizing radicalization
  • Websites that use hate speech or call for violence or discrimination are taken down.
  • Our Counter terrorism Alert System warns government and key sectors (drinking water companies, the energy sector) about terrorist threats.
  • Unmanned areal vehicle to monitor the  airspace around the clock.
  • Special units from the armed forces and the police collaborate in the Special Intervention Service (DSI). This service arrests and detains those suspected of terrorist offenses. In the most extreme cases it eliminates them.
  • The police monitor people who may pose a terrorist threat.
  • The intelligence and security services have increased their capabilities.

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